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On, Time

Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate
“Plurality should not be posited without necessity,” or, “Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.”
-Occam’s Razor

That is the philosophy of Occam’s Razor, and while this principle established the foundation for scientific method, at it’s heart, it gives precedence to simplicity.

So it applies here to time management, specifically, how to manage time in graduate school.  How can I get unnecessary information, tasks, or distractions out of the way, in order to not simply survive grad school, but to best utilize my time for successful endeavors ?

I have my own boot-camp for time management (TM), and it appears that some geeks and life coaches have developed something called GTD, or Getting Things Done, also known as “life-hacking.” So I did a little research today to see how other people are GTD–but I didn’t do too much research–because I already know what is working for me, and I didn’t want to waste time. Continue reading

Silent all these years or recent surge?

Silent all these years or recent surge?

Statistics show increase in hate crimes against sexual orientation
by Alix Bryan

Since 2004, the overall number of hate crimes nationwide has remained level. But hate crimes against sexual orientation jumped 15 percent – more than for any other group. In 2004, a total of 9,514 hate crimes were committed, and 1,482 of those crimes were against sexual orientation.  In 2008, the total of hate crimes increased by 169 counts, whereas the crimes against sexual orientation increased by 224 counts.

These aren’t the only trends that can be gleaned from the latest FBI hate crime data. Most victims of sexual orientation hate crime are male and most crimes occur at the residence. The crimes have become more violent in the past two years, with sexual orientation as the motivation for 71 percent of all hate crime murders.

Some say the increase reflects the fact that more agencies are reporting hate crime statistics.  Trends are difficult to pinpoint when the list of reporting agencies changes annually. However, an examination of the 912 agencies that reported in both 2004 and 2008 represented an overall bulk of the filing agencies, enough to make sound statistical conclusions. Continue reading

Trying to thrive in conservative times

The GCCR hosts numerous activities for the entire Richmond Community

The GCCR hosts numerous activities for the entire Richmond community

Trying to thrive in conservative times.
by Alix Bryan

Two Richmond nonprofits rely on unique approaches to advance their missions, amid a recession that greatly strains available resources. Not only do they face conservative economic times, they face the challenge of bringing a message of diversity to a conservative state. Without their efforts, the LGBT community would be less visible, and the public less informed.

Continue reading

Slideshow: ROSMY 40K

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The ROSMY 40K was a month long fundraising campaign done primarily online, with the exception of the final homestretch. Two public events rallied support for the ROSMY 40K, which generated funds and fostered community. “Perfect 10,” a date auction, was held at Babes. “Eat out for ROSMY,” was held at the Galaxy Diner. Both locations are in Carytown. ROSMY headquarters are at 2311 Westwood Avenue, in Richmond, Virginia. ROSMY will reach their $40,000 total and qualify for a match grant from the local Mary Morton Parsons foundation.

Larceny rises in Virginia, first time in nine years.

Larceny rises in Virginia, first time in nine years.
by Alix Bryan

680f82ee-d895-11de-8005-000255111976 Blog_this_caption Recent statistics across Virginia and the nation indicate that the floundering economy is likely to stimulate growth in one sector: crime.  Recently published FBI crime statistics show that last year property crime increased in Virginia. Larceny theft accounted for 77 percent of property crime statewide , 10 percent higher than the national average. Continue reading

First website

Well, that’s just a sneak peek.
MASC 642 presented the opportunity to craft my very own website from scratch. For our final project, we had to design a website that showcased our assignments for the semester. My finished product resulted in a more portfolio-like creation versus a news-site.  Over the winter I plan on making a new one, because I tell you, I just LOVE having the tune Dreamweaver stuck in my head. Seriously though, it was a great learning process.
Have a look at it.

Surprise assignment

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The Oktoberfest 5k, a walk/run fundraiser took place in Richmond on Oct, 3, 2009. The course went through the Financial District, down Shockoe Slip, across the Mayo bridge, along the Floodwall, back over the Manchester Bridge, and returned through the Financial District. The founder of the OK5K, Greg Hennig, said,”it is a race that everyone wins.” All registered participants received a ticket to attend the official Oktoberfest celebration on October 24th.

We were divided into teams and sent out to shoot this assignment. Our time frame was 3.5 hours, for shooting, editing, posting and lunch. Kinda like the real world I suppose. Our team picked the OK5K.  Credit also goes to Miguel Souza, Ben Sellers and Jacyln O’Laughlin. I worked on shooting and editing.

Mission: Wiki

wikipedia Miranda Mulligan, multimedia genius at the Virginia Pilot, recently spoke to our Online Journalism class. She emphasized the importance of self-education in this dynamic era of technology and networking.

After our heads had stopped spinning, and the dust settled, Mulligan distributed a document essential to our multimedia evolution: 30 THINGS YOU SHOULD BE DOING NOW.

Item #6 decreed that the budding, competitive journalist must improve at least 5 Wiki entries. Me?
I wrote an entire entry. From scratch.

This involved drudging through unfamiliar and somewhat exclusive Wiki software and tutorials. The professor gave me permission to write my profile piece as a Wiki entry, and seemed enthusiastic about the creative slant I chose to take. Well, countless hours later, American journalist and author Joshua Lyon has his own, well deserved Wiki commemoration!

Read my first Wiki entry here

Going the Distance

Steve Eisasser is a 76 yr. old scooter enthusiast from Naples, FL. The project assignment for my VIsual Journalism class was to create a one minute profile piece. I met up with Steve in Charlottesville, VA., the halfway point of his 3,000 mile scooter trip.
Just click on video!
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